Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Addendum to Part 1

As it turns out upon closer investigation and a little digging, the purported quote drawn from the Journal of Climate paper was indeed made up (deliberately or not) - as I had feared.

In his article, James M. Taylor quotes a paper from the esteemed Journal of Climate, which is intended to be shown as evidence that Gore is incorrect in his claims regarding Himalayan glaciers. However, foraging through the actual paper, the purported quote is not a quote at all - none of its words and phrases, nor the entire text itself, can be found amongst its content.

You can view the actual paper here, and then compare notes with Taylor's article. On a related note, the language used within the 'quote' was itself suggestive that it was made up. There is simply no way that a paper describing the dynamics and processes involved in Himalayan glacier retreat and advance - a paper that did not take any substantive view on alarmism or hysteria - would use language with the words "alarmists" or 'confounded alarmists'. The business of the paper is to present real and serious scientific work, and not to foray into the political or the psychological attributes of certain locuters. In other words, the language of the quote was fishy, and it needed to be put under the skeptical glasses.

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